There are several steps to consider in the cabinet painting process. These steps can be followed to get an excellent finish on your cabinets and prevent them from aging. Cabinet refacing is a popular option for homeowners today because it is an affordable way to replace the entire cabinet hardware. In this article you’ll learn how to setup, mask, and prepare the cabinet doors, prepare the cabinet cabinets for refacing, tools, and supplies, dust extract, surface preparation, masking, primer, coat solution, clean up, repair, final coat, and proper handling of unfinished cabinet doors and drawers. The following steps have been designed to help you with your cabinet painting project.

Your first decision needs to be the color scheme. While you may have an idea in mind of what colors you want your cabinets to resemble, it is better to have a more precise color plan. It is best to choose a shade of your choosing that will not fade when it comes time for the doors to be exposed to the weather. It is also helpful to choose a lighter shade of paint that will show more color when it is time for the doors to be refaced. A good rule of thumb is to match your existing cabinetry as closely as possible to the shade of the color you choose for cabinet painting so that they match well and don’t clash.

You must also determine if you wish to refinish or simply paint the cabinets. Refinishing is often recommended for older homes that are in decent shape but might need to be resurfaced due to constant use. When you decide on cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing, you will also need to decide if you want to hire professional painters to accomplish the work. The pros and cons of hiring a professional painter or cabinet refinishing company can be discussed at the time of your cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing decision. In addition, you should determine how long it will take for the project to be complete before you make your decision.

If you choose cabinet refacing to give your kitchen cabinets a fresh new look, you should first consider the aspects of cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing that you want. Do you prefer a completely new look with a clean, fresh appearance or do you like the look of the old hardware and doors? If you choose cabinet refacing, you should visit your local cabinet maker or cabinet refacing expert to discuss the details of the project. The cabinet refacing expert can help you determine which cabinet doors you need to remove and replace with new doors or hardware in order to achieve the new look.

If you decide to do cabinet painting or refinishing yourself, there are many different aspects that you need to consider. One aspect of the project is determining whether you want to have new hardware installed. If you choose to have the new hardware installed, you will need to remove the existing door fronts and cabinet doors. You should also remove the door knobs and pulls. You may also need to remove some of the trim around the door openings. You should plan on doing a lot of sanding and painting before you finish the refinishing process.

In terms of choosing paint for your kitchen cabinetry, it is generally a good idea to purchase a latex or acrylic based paint. These types of paints provide a rich, dark and rich tone that will bring life to your cabinets. Before you start the cabinet painting or refacing process, you should test a small amount of paint on an area of your cabinets to ensure the paint will adhere to your cabinets and provide the desired results. Once you have completed the refacing process and are happy with the end result, you can enjoy the new look that your kitchen cabinetry has received.