One very common question that homeowners often have is what exactly is done while their floors are being refinished. Well, there are basically two main ways in which your hardwood floors can be refinished: pre-sanding and re-casing and a full hardwood floor refinish and finishing service also called ‘sanding & sealing’. The most common method is by pre-sanding, this involves removing all the original finish from your hard wood and then polishing the wood to a shiny finish. It is important however to not over-polish your floors as if you do so then your floor will loose its shine and color.

Next up is-casing’, this is done by the actual refinishing process itself but rather than using a polish as the finish, this is where you use a sealant. This will seal the wood and stop any dirt from coming in, allowing you to use the hardwoods again without worrying about scratches or peeling.

The final step is referred to as ‘sanding’ – this is when you sand down your floors to create an even finish, but is only used to seal the surface. By using this method you will also have created a protective barrier between your wood and the paint. Once sanded, it is then applied to your floors and left to dry for a day before you apply the finish to the floors.

There are many different types of refinishing techniques available and they all basically require the use of sandpaper or a polishing machine to remove the old finish, sealants, and any imperfections on your hardwood floors. The technique of polishing comes into play here where the finishing product is used to give your floor’s shine and gloss that cannot be achieved with just refinishing. This is the most popular way to go about refinishing hardwood floors in the UK and has become quite popular in recent years.

If you take the time to learn how refinishing your hardwood’s works then you will discover that there are a lot of different types of methods available. However the most popular ones are still the two above mentioned and one where you use a sealant. These days there are many other types of refinishing methods, but these are the two most common.

Overall you can choose to have your hard wood floors refinishing done professionally or it can be done yourself, the decision really depends on your budget, time and patience. So once you’ve decided to have your floors refinished then the most important thing is to find the best floor refinishing company to do the job.

For an instance your floor need to be renovated or you need to install new flooring you may also hire flooring contractor who could help you remodel and install new flooring for your home.