If you’re looking for a wood fence that is both attractive and affordable, cedar is a popular choice. Cedar has a natural fragrance that’s pleasant to the senses, and it also acts as an insect repellent. Cedar costs approximately $5 per linear foot, but it can be costly, so consider a rental or a power auger if you’re on a budget. Cedar is also more susceptible to moisture than other woods, so if you live in a humid environment, avoid cedar.

Squirrels are another common culprit in wood fence damage. Squirrels are known to chew on any kind of wood, including fences. These creatures need constant sharpening of their big buck front teeth, and wood provides plenty of angles for them to hone those molars. In addition, squirrels often prefer to sit atop a wood fence, where they are out of the way of most predators.

You can also consider painting your vinyl fence. While a professional painter can give it a beautiful and long-lasting finish, this type of material is not as durable as wood and will fade or flake over time. You can also stain wood fences yourself to enhance their natural beauty and protect them from the effects of the weather. This is a great choice for homeowners who don’t want to invest in the maintenance of a wood fence.

When installing a wooden fence, be sure to prepare the yard well. Trim trees near the fence if necessary and remove any that are too close. Also, most contractors require that you mow the grass in the vicinity of the fence. Some will even prep the yard for free. But do remember to check with your local government for requirements. You may want to consult a local government agency to get a permit if the fence is taller than six feet.

Make sure the fence is at least 8 feet high and supports the panels with two-by-fours or two-by-sixes. If the fence is taller than that, it may sag. To avoid sagging, ensure that the fence posts are eight feet apart and are supported by two-by-fours. When building panels, always remember to include extra-wide gate posts to accommodate lawn equipment and other lawn equipment.

When it comes to budget, a wood fence can be very expensive if you’re working with a contractor. You’ll need a permit and staining to finish the fence, and it’s a labor-intensive task. And depending on the height of the fence, a fence company might charge a higher rate. But if you want a tall fence, it’s better to get a contractor for the job.